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About Us

Exceptional Customer Service Beyond cutting edge technology, stability and competitive pricing, ASA offers a level of personal service far above that of most others in the market, including, and in some cases especially, some of the largest names in the industry. Since its beginnings over twenty years ago, ASA’s focus has gone well beyond the “sale” to ongoing customer support, from in-home installations and maintenence to pro actively checking system activation. Despite our growth, we’ve managed to maintain long term personal relationships with members of the ASA customer “family”.

Our cutting edge technology, stability, company-owned monitoring, competitive pricing and exceptional customer service, together make up the “ASA Advantage.” We invite you to join the ASA family and experience the ASA Advantage.

Competitive Pricing. When considering the cost of a PERS or Medication Dispenser, it’s necessary to know what’s included in the monthly fee. Unlike many of its competitors, ASA’s basic fees typically include (in addition to the device itself and any monitoring services) delivery to the customer, in-home installation and maintenance, and return to ASA upon termination of service.

A Stable, Growing Company. From just a few customers in 1988, ASA now serves thousands. Starting from a single office location, we now operate not only from our Pittsburgh headquarters, but also from branch offices in Philadelphia and Cleveland, OH. In 2011 ASA acquired and opened its own monitoring center. ASA remains headed by its founder, Vince Nigrelli. Key ASA technicians and other personnel have been with the company for many years. Meet some key members of the ASA Team.

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