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We Can Make the Life Altering “First Golden Hour” the Best Case Scenario

by seylerj on March 22, 2014

When a heart attack or other major medical emergency occurs, the sixty minutes afterward are known as the “first golden hour.”  If medical intervention happens in that first hour, many of the long term side effects can actually be prevented.  Whether or not action is taken to get a person the help they need determines

Our Equipment and Systems are UL Consumer Safety Listed

by seylerj on March 21, 2014

At Automated Security Alert, we want to take care of you and your loved ones by offering you the highest quality equipment. That is why we have made sure that our systems are UL listed. This assures us as well as our clients that our equipment has met their requirements for consumer safety. Not only

Our Company Offers Free Repairs

by seylerj on March 20, 2014

Did you know that some medical alert companies charge a repair fee if something goes wrong? Guess what? We don’t. Here at Automated Security Alert, we believe in integrity and accountability. If something goes wrong with your medical alert button or any part of your Personal Emergency Response System we fix it immediately – free

Independence and Peace of Mind for Less than Thirty Dollars

by seylerj on March 19, 2014

Most people dread the thought of ending up in a nursing home someday. There is nothing that compares with the comforts of home, where good memories have been made and new ones are waiting to blossom. We believe that home is the best place for senior citizens to be and our mission is to keep

Helping an Elderly Relative See the Need for a Medical Alarm

by seylerj on March 18, 2014

Medical alarms are an amazing form of technology that can add to an elderly person’s quality of life by giving them the assurance that they won’t be alone when an emergency strikes. Many of our clients are relieved when our company comes into their life, and there is often a “ripple effect” that allows that

Three Things You Should Know About Your Medical Alert Device

by Zach Nigrelli on March 11, 2014

We’ve all seen the commercials. “Help I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” a senior screams.

Automated Medication Dispensers in 2014

by Zach Nigrelli on January 3, 2014

There is a massive need for individuals who are unable or unwilling to adhere to medication prescription schedules to take whatever measures are necessary to begin adhering to their schedule.

Three Things You Should Know About Dementia and Medication

by Zach Nigrelli on December 27, 2013

Wandering and failure to adhere to proper medication schedule constitute the most prominent and problematic challenges for individuals undergoing treatment.

Lockboxes are a Wise Investment for Medical Alarm Users

by seylerj on December 25, 2013

If you have a medical alarm, we want to commend you.  People who use medical alarms tend to be those who think and plan ahead.  They have taken on the responsibility for their own personal safety and security.  We also want to commend anyone who has purchased a medical alarm for a loved one so

Four Reasons Why Seniors Should Have Medical Alarms

by seylerj on December 24, 2013

No one wants to think about the potentially bad things that could happen to seniors who live alone, but it’s a reality that must be faced.  Being prepared for an emergency is one of the best ways to ensure that the outcome is as good as it can possibly be.  If an injury occurs, one