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Surprising Five Dollar a Month Life Saver

by couillardmw on January 16, 2012

The customers of Automated Security Alert can now sleep easier due to a brilliant and remarkably simple technological innovation: a monitored smoke detector. For clients who use the company’s ASA Pro medical alarm, a monitored smoke detector can be added for an extra five dollars a month. Jason Seyler, the company’s Director of Life Safety is excited about the new offering, “Having a monitored smoke detector is invaluable for the senior citizen population, which currently numbers more than nine million in the U.S. alone. When seniors are hard of hearing, they often cannot hear the alarm sounding on a conventional smoke detector. With an Automated Security Alert monitored smoke detector we can hear for them.”

Pittsburgh-Based Company Offers Solution to Big Problem

by seylerj on November 29, 2011

Automated Security Alert, a company based in Munhall, PA is taking action against the dangers in the life of at-risk persons striving to maintain their personal independence of living at home. In their mission to stand beside senior citizens wishing to stay out of nursing homes and in their own houses, Automated Security Alert is offering free device called the ASA Pro, a medical monitoring system (also referred to as a Personal Emergency Response System, or PERS), with the customer’s commitment to a $34.50 a month monitoring fee.

Mobile Voice Pendant Improves Medical Alarm Voice Range

by seylerj on November 29, 2011

The Mobile Voice Pendent (MVP) is much more advanced than a push-button medical alarm. With the touch of a button, a patient can be speaking directly to a life safety operator through the two-way voice pendant.

Fall Detectors for Medical Alarms Call for Help When No One Else Can

by seylerj on November 29, 2011

Fall detectors sense when a person wearing the device falls down and can signal emergency help. Fall detectors are best paired with a medical alert system.

New Technology Prevents Major Medication Mistakes, Impacting Adverse Medication Errors

by seylerj on November 29, 2011

Automated Security Alert, a company based in Pittsburgh, PA is using the MedPro to help patients and caregivers regulate medication accurately. The relatively simple device is a monitored medication dispenser that can be pre-filled and locked securely by the patient’s caregiver who can set the MedPro to dispense medication according to the pre-set schedule.

Affordable Medication Dispenser Prevents Medication Errors

by seylerj on November 29, 2011

When a patient relies on a medication routine, it’s critical that the medications are taken on time and in the correct dosage. Unfortunately, medication errors happen, and medication noncompliance causes 125,000 deaths ever year in the United States (i), and is responsible for 23% of nursing home admissions, costing $31.3 billion for 380,000 patients (ii). The MedPro Lite Automatic Medication Dispenser assists patients in avoiding these severe consequences by allowing caregivers to fill the MedPro Lite with 28 doses of medication, lock the tamper-proof device with a key, and easily set the timer to alert the patient with both a blinking light and an alarm to alert them that it’s time to take their medication.

Life Safety Monitoring Opens State of the Art Medical Alarm Monitoring Station

by couillardmw on November 14, 2011

Automated Security Alert Inc, celebrated the dedication of their new Life Safety Monitoring Center on November 10, 2011. Munhall’s very own Mayor Ray Bodnar was in attendance for the ribbon cutting ceremony alongside ASA’s President and CEO Vince Nigrelli.

Medical Alert System and Medication Dispenser Bundle Saves Consumer’s Money

by couillardmw on October 20, 2011

Why choose to pair the systems? By pairing a medical alarm with a monitored medication dispenser, subscribers have peace of mind knowing that they will receive their medications on time and access help at the press of a button. Every year in the US over 1.3 million people suffer harm due to medication error¹. To cut down on these costly and unnecessary errors, many seniors and their families are looking to monitored medication dispensers for help. Monitored medication dispensers are used to organize medications and alert the user when their medication needs to be taken, which cuts down on dangerous errors such as double dosing, overdosing, or skipping important medications. ASA’s monitored medication dispensers are filled by a trained nurse or family member and can be locked to prevent tampering with the medications. These systems have a 98% compliance rate and are perfect for those who want to take their medication but sometimes have trouble remembering when or how much to take².

Upcoming Medicare Changes: The Community Based Care Transition Program

by couillardmw on October 17, 2011

Recently, there has been a lot of attention surrounding the new healthcare reforms, particularly when discussing Medicare. A hot topic has been the section of the Affordable Care Act that threatens the reimbursement to hospitals on behalf of Medicare beneficiaries. In reality, the Act is trying to encourage a more holistic approach to healthcare and cut down on Medicare costs by reducing unnecessary hospital readmissions.

Life Safety Monitoring is Essential for Medical Alert Systems

by Zach Nigrelli on June 7, 2011

Automated security Alert offers Life Safety Monitoring for Medical Alert Systems, Medication Management Systems, and Telehealth.