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Fall Detection System

About the FallGuard Pro

The FallGuard Pro Fall Detection SystemThe risk of falling, an ongoing concern for anybody with impaired balance or mobility, increases with age. It poses a particularly significant health risk for the elderly, even those in good general health, as a fall can lead to serious injury. More than half of all falls take place within the home, making the FallGuard Pro fall detector and fall detection system  an ideal solution for reliable fall detection and personal emergency response.

The FallGuard Pro is a stylish wireless fall detector that functions both as a standard manual medical alert button and as a fall detection system, which automatically triggers a call to the monitoring center for immediate help when a fall is detected. The fall detection is enabled by a built-in tilt sensor that can sense when the fall detector, which is worn by the user, tilts at more than 60 degrees; for more than a predefined period of time (usually about a minute). This activates the medical alert system, which notifies our Life Safety Operators, enabling help to be dispatched immediately. The FallGuard Pro fall detector also has a medical alert button built into the pendant. This allows the medical alert system to be activated even if the emergency is not a fall. Cellular solution available for the FallGuard Pro for those without land line telephone service.

FallGuard Pro Fall Detection System FAQ

Fall Detection System Installation

Medical Alarm Technician

The Fallguard Pro fall detection system is the perfect solution for individuals who experience sudden fainting spells, seizures, or anyone who cannot press their emergency alert pendant during a fall. When the FallGuard Pro is installed, ASA’s medical alarm technician will instruct you on the fall detector’s proper use. Once you understand how the fall detector works, the technician will do a series of tests to make sure the FallGuard Pro is the best medical alert system for you.

The FallGuard Pro does not detect 100% of falls. ASA always recommends pressing the emergency alert pendant in the event of an emergency or fall. Have the FallGuard Pro medical alert system and fall detector installed and tested by our in home technicians. Rates vary by location. Monthly monitoring for the Fall GuardPro is only $39.50 and includes a warranty on the fall detector and medical alert system.

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