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Medication Management Systems

Medication Management Systems greatly reduces the chance that your patient will forget to take his or her medication at the proper time and will ensure that the proper dose is also delivered. A caregiver, healthcare professional, or pharmacy fills the medication management system with the necessary medication, and sets the unit to automatically dispense the proper medications at the correct times. When it is time for your patient to take medication, the system will alert them with an audible alarm and a flashing light. If the medication is not taken, an alert is sent to our monitoring center and we can remind the patient or notify the necessary emergency contacts.

All of our Medication Management Systems come with the support of our full service team and include a professional installation, free service and maintenance, and free reporting and notification to family members, caregivers, and medical professionals. ASA offers a suite of Medication Management Systems to fit the unique situations and environments of our customers. For information please visit the Medication Management Systems section of our website.



MedPro Plus

Quick Facts

  • Special discounts and free installations are available to any healthcare professionals who recommend the use of ASA’s Medication Management Systems.
  • ASA’s service technicians assure the systems and services are working properly and that your patients understand how to fully benefit from the Medication Management System. Taking the responsibility away from you.
  • Automated Security Alert proactively provides you with pertinent information about your patients in the event of a missed dose of medication.
  • Our Life Safety Monitoring Center only monitors medical alert systems and medication management systems. We do not monitor burglar alarms and only concentrate on Life Safety.