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Monitored Medication Dispenser

About the MedPro Pill Organizer

The MedPro Pill OrganizerThe MedPro Pill Organizer has a secure lock to prevent access to multiple doses of medication. This ensures that only the correct compartment at the prescribed dosage time is unlocked. The medication organizer communicates through a cellular network and can be controlled remotely using the online web portal.

The MedPro Pill Organizer looks similar to a basic seven-day pillbox. The system was designed with users in mind so the interface is simple and friendly with no digital readouts or buttons. The medication organizer can hold 28 doses of medication and can accommodate dozens of different types of pills.

Once the monitored pill organizer is set up, it provides the following:

Patient Alerts: The medication organizer alerts the patient at the appropriate time by having the compartment flash a light. If the medication cup is not removed within the assigned time the user will receive auditory alerts as well as optional automatic phone calls, text messages and emails.

Remote monitoring capabilities: MedPro Pill Organizer keeps records of patient compliance. The caregiver can view the compliance history via the online web portal or by receiving real-time email or text message notifications. Reports are also available by email weekly.

Doses Per Day

The MedPro can dispense up to four doses per day.

Pills Per Dose

Each dose can contain 20 pills depending on size and shape.

Audible Alarm

Loud alarm to alert the patient to take their medication.

Secure Lock

Secured by lock and key to prevent tampering and overdosing of medication.

Backup Battery

Twenty four hour back up battery in-case the power goes out.



Family Members, Nurses or Caregiver can fill the dispenser.


ASA offers reporting to caregivers at no extra cost.


If a dose is missed the MedPro will send ASA’s Life Safety Monitoring station. Life Safety Monitoring will then notify the patient their medication is ready.

Training for Pill Organizers

Medication Dispenser Installation

Do you need hands on experience to help you set up and learn about your new medication management system? We have made this process easy by having one of ASA’s technicians come to your home to teach you how to use your new medication dispenser! Our technicians are highly trained on how to use the MedPro Plus and will teach a caregiver, nurse, or family member on how to load the dispenser. Have an in-home technician personally train a caregiver and deliver your medication management system! Rates vary by location.

MedPro Pill Organizer Medication Dispenser FAQ

Order MedPro Pill Organizer Monthly Program* - Two months initial ($60.00) $120.00