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MedPro Medication Dispenser

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Monitored Medication Dispenser

About the MedPro

The MedPro Medication Dispenser

The MedPro monitored medication dispenser is designed to aid persons who take medications on a scheduled basis. Automated Security Alert Inc is proud to offer the MedPro as a medication dispensing service for in home medication management. The automated medication dispenser is designed to alert the user, with an alarm at the time medications need to be taken. The MedPro is lockable to deter inadvertent overdosing. The medication dispenser has twenty-eight compartments to hold medication and can be programmed to deliver up to four doses a day. The automatic medication dispenser rotates and, at the pre-set times,the alarm rings and a door can be opened to access the appropriate medications. By opening the door to access the medication, the alarm is silenced. With proper use, users can adhere to the medication schedule that maintains their health.

The MedPro is a timed-alarm system that provides scheduled medication dosages automatically. Setting of the medication timers and alarms is as easy as setting a digital clock. The MedPro stores medication under lock and key, making the automatic medication dispenser tamper-resistant. The MedPro holds up to seven days of medication at four times a day dosing and costs less than similar devices. The MedPro is the perfect medication management system for those who need a little extra help remembering when to take their medication.

Doses Per Day

The MedPro can dispense up to four doses per day.

Pills Per Dose

Each dose can contain 15+ pills depending on size and shape.


Audible Alarm

Loud 85 decibel alarm to alert the patient to take their medication.

Secure Lock

Secured by lock and key to prevent tampering and overdosing of medication.

Backup Battery

Twenty four hour back up battery in-case the power goes out.


Family Members, Nurses or Caregiver can fill the dispenser.



ASA offers reporting to caregivers at no extra cost.


If a dose is missed the MedPro will send ASA’s Life Safety Monitoring station. Life Safety Monitoring will then notify the patient their medication is ready.

About Automated Medication Dispensers

MedPro Review Video

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Medication Dispenser Installation

ASA will send an in-home technician to train you on how to use your new automated medication dispenser. The technician will also train a nurse, caregiver, or family member on how to properly fill the medication management system and how to respond to a missed dose. The MedPro can call up to 3 responders to let them know that a dose has been missed or to report any maintenance issues. Learn about how to use your new medication management system from the experts. Rates vary by location.

MedPro Medication Dispenser FAQ

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